How it works

Calling your dog is simple enough for anyone in need of contact.

There are two options here. A call or a video-call.



A simple call from your mobile phone/tablet/laptop from anywhere in the whole world.

What you need:

To call your dog, prepare necessities written above and dial this number: +xx xxxx xxxx

Cost: $0.5/minute



Video-call is a bit more than just a camera pointing at your dog, because he will also be able to see you on a big monitor, which is also made resistant to licking, biting or impact. Almost as if you were here!

What you need:

Performing a video-call requires a bit different setup because it does not work on a mobile network but through the internet. To video-call your dog, prepare the above-written necessities and call us on this number: +xx xxxx xxxx

Once you tell us your dog number and confirm your identity, you will recieve a link from us to your email and as sms message as well which you an than open in any device, just make sure it has stable internet connection and front-facing camera. The link will lead you to a site specially dedicated to video-calls and from there we can start the video-call.

Cost: The initial set-up call is for free. The video-call itself costs $0.8/minute