What if I come late to pick up my dog?

We recommend you do not take pick up times lighty and always arrive sooner than the agreed-on pick up time. If you arrive later, the consequences include additional fees for every hour after the boarding end time. However, if there is no choice for you than to arrive late, you do not need to worry about your dog, we will take proper care for it.

Why should I choose Adored dog hotel?

Because we are the best and you do not need to take our word for that. Just check our Testimonials page and see for yourself. (and kindly add your opinion once you have used our services. Thank you.)

What if a dog does not cooperate?

A common and understandable issue. If your dog does not want paid-for additional services, you simply get your money back for that additional service. If your dog is generally not cooperative, we never use brute force, rather authoritative voice and acting. That always works if you know how to do it.

What if a dog gets sick?

In case that happens, the dog is immediately put onto a separate program apart from other dogs and the dog owner is kindly requested to pick up his dog sooner (while not paying the full boarding price).

What information/objects do you need when boarding?

This information is thoroughly described at the end of the boarding form.

Is there a night service at the hotel?

Yes. There won't be as many staff at night, but there will always be someone competent, taking care of any immediate needs.

Do I need to fill out boarding form online or can I just come to the hotel unannounced?

It is generally recommended you prepare everything online/beforehand before coming to our center, but there won't be any trouble if you do. It might just take a bit longer.

This is too expensive!

Proper price for proper qulity. That is all we can say.

Do you offer dog trainings?

Yes we do! Just head to the Services > Training page and check out for yourself if you would be interested.

My dog has been badly mistreated in the past.

Sadly, things like that do happend and we try our best to acommodate and properly welcome such a poor soul, hopefully making the dog a litte more happy while you are away and putting some "smile" on that beautiful, beautiful furry face.