Everybody knows all too well how bad idea it is to try to complain to other parents about their way of bringing their baby up. Naturally, though not as much, talking into your ways with your dog is not our place. But if you are willing, we can have a session together with your dog and see what we can advice.

The training of a dog is not much about equipment as it is about an experienced, patient and kind guide, a born mentor. Our little hotel is not intended for dog training, but it is great to use the dog’s time as best as possible, eventually making the training not only a means of improving your dog’s behaviour, but also as a great activity to shorten waiting time on, before your return.

So far, we have only one dog trainer, paying attention more to quality than quantity. Mr. Johny Styles has devoted his entire life to dog training and is an expert in the field. You will not be disappointed.