Michal Šeps, born 03.05.1995, from Czech Republic, living in Denmark, Nykobing Falster.

People would say I'm very friendly, always smiling, special in it's own way, person with strong will and keeps promises.

Free-time activity:

-Coding websites

2014 -


Currently I am studying in the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, of a specialization, Multimedia & Design and Communication. College based on high interval practise and to quickly connect with life in employment.


High School

High Art School in Liberec, specialization Graphic Design. I learned many things, such as history and grounds for every way of art.


Primary school

Primary school Partyzánská in Česká Lípa. In those times I was also attending primary art school in my free-time.


-Raster/Pixel mediao o o o _
-Adobe Illustratoro o o o o
-Adobe Dreamweavero o o o o
-Adobe Indesigno o o _ _
-Adobe Photoshopo o o _ _
-Adobe Premiereo o _ _ _
-HTML5o o o o o
-CSS3o o o o o
-PHPo o _ _ _
-Javascripto o _ _ _
-jQueryo o o _ _
-Photographyo o o _ _
-Videoo o _ _ _
-Logo/Brandingo o o o _
-Web designo o o o o
-Graphic designo o o o _
-Wordpresso o _ _ _
-Shopifyo o o _ _
-Adsenseo o _ _ _

That basically means I can do at least a bit in every direction. I also can guarantee really fast and dedicated learning and high flexibility in case of missing knowledge..


English - Active and fluent
Danish - Basic - learning every day
Czech - Born-speach


I am still studying now. Usually I can guarantee at least hour or two per day, but not always more. Let’s just say I’m offering all free time I have.


-Photo-documentation of Energy Awards 2015, Lübeck, Germany.
-ITshift internship- Webdesigner- 01/11/15 - 01/06/16