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Postholderens Sted

College project for real client. Teams of two-three people were supposed to make an online webshop with everything that needed to be done. So we created Shopify ( account and edited a few lines so the website looks as much similar, though different, as the clients home website( We also had to take photos of the products, which was an enormous amount of very different kind of things, generally possible to encompass as "antiquities" but not always.
All of the product photos are taken by Lee Clayfield and Michal Šeps.
Both of us are not photographers. According to this fact, the outcome is suprisingly, very positive. Our client is gonna be shooting the products himself in the future weeks/years, so our photos also couldn't be, even if we wanted to, truly perfect.

All of the photos were taken in a very funny atmoshpere.
We didn't have acces to professional euqipment, so we ahve to makeshift. The white background is created of a little-ironed white linen, suspended on the wall. the lights to iluminate (and also create at least seemingly light-box effect) were an old set of the ones you could mount on the ceiling to iluminate, for example, tv scene or dancing floor. These lights are on of the many very interesting things the client wants to sell. So the lights were put onto chairs into height. To soften them, on each one of them were put simple paper towels, and the immediate effec was amazing. After that, the only thing needed was to play a bit with the camera, and we were good to go.
-On many products you can actually see the linens cramples, but since Birte is definitely not gonna be retouching her photos, it would be a few pure photos amongst many not so much. (also we thinkg it might fit into the antiquity atmoshpere)
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shopify webshop shopify webshop antique product photo antique product photo antique product photo antique product photo antique product photo antique product photo @ 2015 Michal Šeps
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